A nation that can't control its energy sources can't control its future. Barack Obama
  • Optimising production methods is one of the aims of many greenhouse growers. Determining what makes an optimal climate for crop quality and production, however, can be challenging, and it’s certainly worth bearing in mind that what feels comfortable to a person may be less than ideal for a crop.
  • Thermal storage is simply a means of storing thermal energy (heat or cooling) so it can be used sometime after it is generated. Why should growers use thermal storage?
  • The fundamentals of heat storage in horticulture have not changed much since its introduction. However, modern systems are now seen more as a resource than just another functional part of a heating system. Find out more in this technical update.
  • Sensors are the eyes and ears of your control system and fundamental to its operation. Inaccurate measurements, due to faulty or poorly maintained sensors, can result in wasted energy, substandard crop performance and even increased disease so they are very important.
  • It's important to measure energy so that we can evaluate and compare its costs and assess how efficiently it's being used.  
  • A group of UK growers visited a Canadian nursery that uses the ProSelect GC6, the world's only system that cleans carbon dioxide rich flue gases so that they can be used within the greenhouse.­This technical update outlines what they found out and assesses whether using GC6 is economically viable in the UK.
  • CO2 enrichment is vital to the cost-effective production of many glasshouse crops. However, it can have a high energy cost.
  • Horticultural businesses benefit from a rebate on the duty paid on fuel oils, whether to heat a building or growing medium, as long as it is used to grow produce.